Making a Start as an escort in Geneva


The escort work is generally perceived as enjoyable and highly profitable occupation, which is precisely why it might appeal to young, ambitious, independently-minded women. If you are one of them and are contemplating a career of an escort in Geneva, there are some important factors that are less known, but crucial to consider before deciding, so read on.

Although, without doubt, the escort work is based on outward attractiveness and does project glamour, it is still a business and as any such enterprise relies solidly on pragmatism and organisation for its existence and proper function. It is very much governed by business rules. Good time keeping is essential. Sometimes a customer might request a booking at a very short notice, and this might present a challenge in practical term. You would need to be ready quickly, without compromising on your appearance – your hair, make-up and outfit would still need to be perfect. You would need to be punctual – logistically that means your car and driver should be available and ready as soon as you need them. In other words, you will have to approach the job with the seriousness any professional assignment deserves. Sloppiness, delays or cancellations would affect unfavourably your reputation, and by extension tarnish the whole image of the agency.

It is also important to ensure good workflow. The more time you are prepared to devote to your clients, the more successful connections you will build. A single booking can grow into series of arrangements – a client can ask for your company at dinner one evening, then invite you to joint him to a social event on the next day, followed by various other engagements the week after. In business terms this continuity of work will translate into consistent, predictable profits.

Talking about predictability, another important factor to consider is the uncertain and somewhat unreliable nature of the work for new call girls in Geneva. Acquiring a directory of verified, steady and trustworthy clients who adhere to your terms and conditions might take a long time and require significant investment of resources. A newcomer to the escort industry might struggle initially to get prospective clients screened and would consequently suffer scarcity of work. However, well-established escort agencies, can be instrumental in ensuring regular work through introduction of the new escort girls to their already verified clients, as well as through helping with quick and reliable safety check on any new clients, and setting up appointments.

A new escort girl would need to decide whether they would like to work independently or sign up with an agency. The Geneva escorts working on individual basis set themselves up, organise their own client vetting, are responsible for their own bookings, and do not share their profits. In contrast, signing up with an escort agency involves a commission the agency receives from the escort’s earnings. The escort agency however manages the client base, the screening procedures and the logistics of the bookings, thus making the escort’s work safer and more regulated. Because of this, agency work is largely considered to be associated with less risks for new escort girls.